Watery Semen: Causes, Impacts, Treatment

Why is my semen watery and clear?

It is a frequent query at any sexual well being clinic.

Various factors can have an effect on the consistency, odor, and shade of the semen and trigger watery semen.

The skinny, watery sperm is commonly short-term and resolves by itself.

Sperm may be watery or skinny when somebody engages in intercourse or masturbation a few instances a day.

However, it might additionally point out low sperm rely, which generally is a drawback for {couples} making an attempt to conceive.

Right here, you may take a better have a look at what watery sperm means, its causes, its influence on fertility, and different data you would possibly discover helpful.

Is watery semen regular?

Watery sperm just isn’t wholesome. The semen shouldn’t seem like water.

Wholesome and normal semen is usually a white, creamy, and thick fluid. The consistency of the semen varies from individual to individual.

Semen is made up of water, zinc, vitamin C, protein, sugar, and prostaglandins. The fluid largely consists of mucus, plasma, and water.

For many males, the feel and style of the semen rely on:

  • Eating regimen
  • Water consumption
  • Remedy use
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption

So, various textures in semen are fairly pure – particularly in the event that they occur sometimes.

What does watery sperm imply?

When the semen is just too watery and runny, it might imply you might have a low sperm count, which may be an indicator of fertility points. Thick, cloudy, and white semen typically has a greater sperm rely than clear and watery semen.

However, in lots of instances, this runniness and watery consistency may be a transient problem that resolves by itself. For instance, males who ejaculate fairly often can have clear and runny semen.

Abstaining from sex or masturbation for a few days would possibly result in chunkier, thicker, and whiter semen.

Nevertheless, there are lots of different components that may make the sperm watery. Some can have an effect on sperm perform and total well being.

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What does watery sperm seem like?

Watery sperm has a liquid consistency that seems mushy and dewy. The extra water it comprises, the weaker the style.


There are lots of causes of watery sperm. Here’s a checklist of among the potential causes behind watery semen.

1) Frequent intercourse and masturbation

A number of ejaculations are sometimes the primary wrongdoer for watery semen. The extra typically you masturbate throughout the day, the thinner the semen.

That is fully regular because the male physique wants time to recuperate and produce regular thick sperm.

2) Eating regimen

Particular nutrient deficiencies may cause abnormalities within the texture and sperm consistency. Sperm comes out watery should you don’t get sufficient zinc in your weight loss plan. Zinc is a key nutrient for sufficient sperm manufacturing.

Studies present that the focus of seminal zinc is linked with sperm rely. A zinc deficiency can result in low sperm high quality and presumably male infertility. So, docs would possibly counsel you are taking zinc sulfate dietary supplements.

An absence of selenium may also result in watery semen. It’s finest to replenish the selenium consumption with meals like eggs, shellfish, hen, and many others.

3) Hydration

Consuming an excessive amount of water can result in watery semen. Extra water dilutes the minerals within the physique, so it’s regular to note a slight change in semen texture. Dehydration could make the semen a lot thicker than regular.

4) Pre-ejaculation

Earlier than males ejaculate, a watery liquid can ooze out of the erect penis. This liquid known as pre-ejaculation and is totally regular.

5) Stress

Can stress trigger watery sperm? Primarily based on reports, psychological stress can have an effect on focus, sperm high quality, and look. It will probably additionally intervene with its skill to fertilize the egg.

6) Medical remedy

Therapies like radiation remedy, chemotherapy, and blood-pressure drugs may be related to watery semen.

Publicity to radiation remedy can harm the sperm and make the semen skinny and watery.

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7) Smoking, alcohol, and medicines

Tobacco smoking can result in watery semen, particularly in heavy people who smoke. Primarily based on studies, cigarette smoking led to decreased whole sperm rely, semen quantity, and higher sperm motility. Smoking additionally causes immune system issues and ejaculation issues.

Quitting smoking can supply restorative properties to semen high quality.

Alcohol consumption additionally issues. Heavy alcohol consumption reduces sperm manufacturing, testosterone ranges, and the general high quality of sperm.

Medication, comparable to hashish and cocaine, may also have an effect on sperm rely, change the form of the sperm, and cut back the quantity of semen.

8) Hormone imbalance

Hormone ranges can have some function to play. Hormonal issues comparable to hypogonadism and hyperthyroidism could make watery semen.

9) Sexually transmitted ailments

STIs can have an effect on the standard, consistency, and texture of semen. Sexually transmitted ailments, comparable to chlamydia, gonorrhea, or herpes, can set off irritation within the epididymitis, inflicting watery sperm.

10) Diabetes

Diabetes can lower sperm high quality. This metabolic situation shouldn’t influence the power of the sperm to succeed in the egg.

Nevertheless, weight problems has been related to diminished being pregnant charges and better odds of needing assisted reproductive expertise to conceive a baby.

Does watery sperm have an effect on fertility?

A diluted, watery semen may very well be an indication of low sperm rely. The decrease the sperm rely, the tougher it’s to father a child naturally. However having watery sperm doesn’t imply you’re infertile.

Statistics present that infertility impacts about 10% of the worldwide inhabitants. It’s finest to do a semen evaluation take a look at and test the standard of the sperm to know your precise fertility charge.

Semen evaluation can consider components comparable to sperm morphology (form), motility (exercise), and sperm rely.

Ought to males fear about watery semen?

You probably have no medical circumstances and good total well being however ejaculate too often, then there may be nothing to fret about.

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The watery sperm is almost certainly resulting from frequent ejaculation, and the liquid ought to return to regular after a few days of abstinence.

However, should you consider to be susceptible to medical points, like STIs or hormonal imbalance, then speak to a specialist. They will supply sufficient remedy that may mitigate the situation and cut back the percentages of watery sperm.

Total, watery semen must be short-term. To work on the standard, consistency, and texture of the sperm, it’s best to concentrate on making some way of life adjustments. You need to eat healthily, hydrate the physique, and alleviate stress.

do away with watery semen

To deal with the watery semen, you’ll want to know what’s inflicting it. If you’re masturbating a few instances a day, cut back the frequency. This might maintain the issue.

However, if the watery semen persists regardless of rare ejaculation, see a specialist.

Need to know the way to deal with watery sperm naturally? Beneath are a couple of way of life ideas that may be useful for the physique and total well being.

Eat meals with zinc

Replenishing the zinc consumption is a sensible water sperm remedy. The perfect meals selections are poultry, oysters, and entire grains. In case you don’t get sufficient zinc from meals, you may think about taking dietary supplements.

Veggies and fruits stuffed with fructose

An absence of fructose may cause watery semen. Some meals that may assist with which can be bananas, bell peppers, blueberries, and apples.

Vitamin E

A wholesome dose of vitamin E may be good for the sperm. To get extra vitamin E, add almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin, and spinach to your weight loss plan.

Milk and dates

Right here is a well-liked remedy for watery sperm. Soak 10 dried dates in some milk for 4 hours and eat them each day. They’re full of carbs and dietary fiber, which may thicken semen and increase sexual stamina.

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Bodily exercise

The physique requires train. It will get the blood flowing and may push the testicles to create extra sperm.

Get sufficient shut-eye

Many individuals underestimate the influence of high quality sleep. However, should you don’t relaxation for a minimum of 8 hours, the physique wants extra time to recuperate.

Attempt to de-stress

Choices like meditation, journaling, caring for your physique, listening to music, and many others., may also help ease among the psychological stress. Since stress can hamper sperm manufacturing, it is very important incorporate a few stress discount methods.

Keep away from constrictive clothes

Sporting tight underwear can prohibit blood circulate and warmth up the testicles. This may make it troublesome for the testicles to perform correctly.

Hormone remedy

If hormonal issues are the reason for your watery semen, then speak to a healthcare professional. They will counsel hormone remedy that may very well be used to deal with your watery semen.

Scientific sexologists specialize within the remedy and evaluation of a variety of sexual issues. They may also help you establish your sexual targets and supply sources, instruments, information, and methods that may increase your sexual well being and habits.


Males can have completely different sperm consistency and texture. When the semen is watery, it often means there’s a low sperm rely.

Now, this will not be a major problem as there are completely different causes that may contribute to the liquid texture. An excessive amount of masturbation and intercourse could make the semen seem watery.

Different components embody weight loss plan, water consumption, treatment use, smoking, alcohol, and drug use. However, at different instances, the watery sperm may very well be a transparent signal of a possible well being drawback. This contains STIs, hormonal imbalances, and medical remedy.

If the semen doesn’t restore its regular texture and consistency, which is a thick white fluid, you would possibly need to see a physician.

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