Unable to continue school due to blood cancer, Nabil needs money for treatment!

My name is Abdul Azis, the parents of Nabil Zafran Al Wafi’s son who is currently battling blood cancer (leukemia).

The incident began around October 2020 when my son had a fever for several days and did not recover even though he had been given fever-reducing medication. Apart from that, Ananda’s condition continued to decline due to lack of appetite and nausea. Finally, we took the initiative to take him to the clinic for further examination.

After the doctor examined his physical condition and complete blood test, the doctor suggested that the child be referred to the regional hospital for intensive care because his physical condition continued to decline. His blood test results also showed alarming numbers.

After being treated for about two nights, the doctor informed him that Ananda had symptoms of leukemia or blood cancer and had to be referred to Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar for further treatment. As parents, of course we are devastated. Moreover, this disease is rare and we have only ever heard of its name on television. Apart from that, the condition of his wife, who at that time had just given birth to her second child two days earlier, also made things even more difficult.

Currently, it has been almost two years since my son has been in and out of the hospital for treatment in the form of chemotherapy. From the beginning, treatment was every day, then every week and now entering the five-week phase. Apart from that, to accompany medical medicines, children are also assisted with food supplements and alternative medicines.

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Before Ananda got sick, we had a small trading business. However, since Ananda was referred to Makassar and also the effects of Covid, we had to stop the business we had been working on for two years to focus more on treating Ananda. Ananda Nabil is an active and intelligent child. Even though he was forced not to enter kindergarten like his friends his age, Alhamdulillah, my son was fluent in reading and arithmetic

Since my son was diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing medical treatment, his movements must always be under the supervision of his parents. This prevented Ananda from participating in school activities until the treatment protocol was completed. This is also made even more difficult because your child has a baby sister so like it or not, we (the parents) have to share the tasks. Mother is in charge of looking after her baby sister at home, and I (father) accompany my son in and out of the hospital from the start of treatment for illness until now.

The estimated cost we need right now is around 20 million. We will use this fee for the needs of medicines and complementary supplements, accommodation, transportation and consumption while undergoing treatment in Makassar.

While undergoing this treatment, we had to stay temporarily in Makassar so that our business activities stopped completely. Meanwhile, operational costs every month are not less than 3 million. Not including the cost of medicines which are sometimes not covered by BPJS

Ananda always hopes to recover completely so he can attend school like his peers and achieve his dream of becoming a police officer. Likewise with parents. There is no other hope and prayer that this test will end soon and return to normal life.

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