Prostate Ache After Ejaculation: Indicators, Causes, Therapy

Prostate ache after ejaculation can sabotage your intercourse life, break your vanity, and switch pleasure into stress.

Painful ejaculation could cause extreme discomfort and make it troublesome for males to stay up for attaining an orgasm.

In case you are questioning what causes burning ache within the penis or urethra after ejaculating, then this text might help.

We compiled a complete guideline that talks extra concerning the causes and therapy of post-ejaculation ache.

What does prostate ache really feel like?

Prostate ache after ejaculation can manifest in numerous methods. Many sufferers expertise terrible ache that radiates from their bellies to the testes and penis. It may well trigger discomfort and irritation. The ache after ejaculation might persist for a while.

Different signs might embrace:

  • Burning sensations within the tip of the penis
  • Ache within the stomach, decrease again, hips, flanks, testicles, or penis
  • Elevated urge to pee
  • Problem emptying the bladder
  • Leakage

The ache could be uninteresting or sharp. It may well radiate to different areas of the physique, particularly the hips, and the surplus fats on the edges of your decrease again and waist.

The painful ejaculation seems like involuntary spasms (contractions) of particular muscular tissues within the pelvic ground and genitals. In case you put any rigidity or stress on these muscular tissues, it might make the ache worse.

Burning when ejaculating is a significant supply of frustration. Relying on the accompanying symptom, akin to leakage or urgency, the ache can put a severe pressure in your vanity and intercourse life.

After all, the indicators differ primarily based in your present well being situation. For instance, when you’ve got continual prostatitis, you possibly can expertise burning when ejaculating or after ejaculation for a few minutes to hours.

Continual prostatitis additionally causes urinary tract signs, akin to burning or pain when peeing, blood in urine, ache within the groin, nocturia, and so on.

It’s essential to acknowledge every symptom and seek the advice of with a specialist when you’ve got ejaculation problems.

Is prostate ache regular after ejaculation?

It’s not regular to expertise painful ejaculation. The issue may very well be nerve and muscular-related or attributable to emotional and psychological components.

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Prostate ache after ejaculation may very well be a symptom of blockage (urethra, seminal vesicles, prostate, or bladder), irritation, or an infection.

Many studies discuss concerning the incidence charges of painful ejaculation (often known as post-orgasmic ache or dysorgasmia).

The prevalence of this symptom ranges from 1% to 10% within the basic inhabitants. However, the incidence charges can rise to 30% to 75% in sufferers with continual pelvic ache syndrome or prostatitis.

In line with analysis establishments, prostate issues are widespread after the age of fifty. Prostate circumstances can result in a variety of urination issues, together with after-ejaculation ache.

It’s essential to get checked for prostate issues to mitigate the signs and alleviate the discomfort.

What causes prostate ache after ejaculation?

Many medical circumstances could cause prostate ache after ejaculation. However, the painful ejaculation will also be an idiopathic drawback, which implies it could not have a selected trigger.

Here’s a checklist of a number of the most well-known triggers of ache after ejaculation.

Prostate irritation

Prostate irritation could cause painful ejaculation. In case you not too long ago injured your pelvis, had a prostate biopsy, used a urinary catheter, or had intense anal intercourse, you may expertise burning after ejaculation.

Prostatitis or prostate irritation may trigger irritation and prostate ache after ejaculation. Based mostly on current statistics, 1 in 2 males with prostatitis has painful ejaculation.

Bladder an infection

Cystitis is a typical kind of urinary tract an infection (UTI). It may well trigger irritation of the pelvic ground and urethra and set off after-ejaculation ache.

Based mostly on studies, the incidence of straightforward cystitis in males could be very low. Knowledge reveals fewer than 10 circumstances per yr per 10,000 males youthful than 65.


Stress is the bedrock of prostatitis. It may well additionally fire up a variety of different well being issues.

Psychological stress could make the signs of prostatitis worse, akin to discomfort and ache when urinating.

So, it’s essential to focus in your psychological well being and attempt to mitigate a number of the psychological stressors.

Continual pelvic ache syndrome

In case you take a look at destructive for bacterial an infection, the painful ejaculation may very well be the results of muscular rigidity. The ache after ejaculation may very well be a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction, akin to continual pelvic ache syndrome (CPPS).

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Statistics present that CPPS impacts 2% to six% of males, and it’s a frequent purpose individuals see a urologist.

Ejaculatory duct obstruction

Ejaculatory duct obstruction is a uncommon pathological situation that may result in painful ejaculation and prostatic ache.

This situation causes a blockage in a single or each sperm ducts. The blockage interferes with the sperm’s potential to get into the ejaculate.

These affected can expertise ache within the prostate, ache after or throughout intercourse, low sperm output and sperm depend, and lowered quantity of ejaculate.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) could cause discomfort throughout and after ejaculation. Because the prostate will get greater, it blocks the stream of urine.

It additionally causes kidney and urinary tract issues. Different signs can embrace erectile dysfunction, urinary frequency, dribbling, and so on.

In line with studies, painful ejaculation was recorded in 5% to 19% of males with decrease urinary tract signs related to BPH.

Treatment uncomfortable side effects

Some medicines can set off painful ejaculation.

Many antidepressants, akin to tricyclic antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), MAOIs, and venlafaxine, can spark discomfort throughout or after ejaculation.

Aside from a change in medication or decreasing the dose, no different methods can handle this aspect impact.

Seminal vesicle stones

Stones can kind within the seminal vesicles. A stone is a tough and small calcification that may trigger severe bleeding and discomfort when ejaculating.

Circumstances akin to infections, diabetes, UTI, and lowered drainage of the ejaculatory duct could cause these stones to kind.

Seminal vesicles and prostate cysts

Vesicle cysts and midline prostatic cysts (MPCs) are uncommon. Based mostly on 2022 reports, the incidence of MPC is lower than 1%.

Most individuals don’t have any signs. However, if the cysts grow to be contaminated or enlarged, they will compress the close by tissues. Particularly the bladder neck, urethra, and ejaculatory duct. In a case akin to this, males can expertise painful ejaculation and discomfort.

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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

In case you burn after ejaculation, this may very well be a transparent signal of a sexually transmitted an infection. Bacterial infections like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea can have a drastic influence in your intercourse organs and trigger prostate issues.

Pudendal neuropathy

Pudendal neuropathy is a long-term well being drawback. It happens attributable to a broken or irritated pudendal nerve. This nerve compression could cause painful ejaculation.

The ache can have an effect on the penis, scrotum, and perineum, which is the skinny layer of pores and skin between the scrotum and the anus.

It may well trigger issues akin to heightened sensitivity to ache, numbness, or pins and needles-like sensations within the pelvic space.

Must you see a physician?

If the prostate ache after ejaculation is inflicting extreme discomfort and makes it troublesome to take pleasure in a pleasurable intercourse life, then see a specialist.

Males with painful ejaculation usually expertise ED and use erectile dysfunction medicine to get a tough and erect penis.

In case you ejaculate often or a number of occasions a day, you may wish to scale back the frequency and see if the signs enhance.

When you’ve got signs aside from painful ejaculation, akin to hassle urinating, weak stream, frequent urination, or urgency – discuss to a urologist. You might need an underlying well being challenge that requires therapy.

The physician can speak about your medical historical past and intercourse life. They will additionally do a bodily examination, akin to order urine or blood exams.

Testing might help rule out any well being circumstances that may trigger ache after ejaculation.

In case you do expertise prostate issues, a physician might help recommend the very best therapy choices or medication that may be just right for you.


Therapy for painful ejaculation varies primarily based on what’s inflicting the issue.

For instance, when you undergo from irritation or swelling of the prostate gland, then you could want prostatitis therapy. Males with prostatitis often take antibiotics for a few weeks to a couple months.

Acute prostatitis is often managed with painkillers.

In case you expertise sexual dysfunction and ejaculatory ache from untreated STIs, then antibiotics or antiviral medication might help.

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Muscle relaxants could also be really useful for sufferers with pelvic ground muscle spasms.

If the painful ejaculation is the results of a drugs aspect impact, then you might have to change the medication or change the doses.

Solely a physician can recommend the very best medical therapies for prostate ache after ejaculation and different prostate issues. Hospital therapy is commonly really useful when the signs are extreme and trigger vital discomfort.

In case you are seeking to strive various therapies, then acupuncture might assist. Studies present that acupuncture can drastically enhance ache, urination signs, and sexual operate in males with prostatitis with a 60.6% efficient charge.

How do you cease prostate ache after ejaculation?

Whenever you deal with the underlying trigger, you possibly can cease the ache after ejaculation. A number of the choices embrace:

  • Painkillers, akin to ibuprofen
  • Switching medication or decreasing the doses
  • Surgical procedure to deal with prostate issues
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Psychotherapy if the prostate ache after ejaculation is attributable to emotional issues

If therapy doesn’t supply the mandatory aid, you possibly can strive completely different diets, pelvic ground workouts, or intercourse remedy.

Having a balanced weight-reduction plan filled with veggies, wholesome fat, and fruits can increase prostate well being and decrease the risk of ED.

Pelvic ground workouts could make the muscular tissues stronger. Intercourse remedy might help you overcome a number of the obstacles in your relationship which can be inflicting you stress, nervousness, and discomfort.

Choices akin to these might help you’re employed in your intercourse life and prostate ache after ejaculation.


Ache after ejaculating generally is a huge a part of your intercourse life. It may well make it troublesome so that you can take pleasure in an orgasm or have satisfying intercourse.

To deal with the issue, it’s good to know what’s inflicting it. If it’s a medical situation, then discuss to a specialist to obtain medication.

Within the meantime, attempt to work in your weight-reduction plan, bodily exercise, and general psychological well being. Enhancing your every day routine and consuming habits can improve prostate well being and set you heading in the right direction.

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