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The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto by Dr Brene Brown

Dr Brene Brown is a leading researcher in human connection. She has devoted her career to studying vulnerability, shame, and courage. She has written two bestselling books and engaged in multiple Ted Talks. During a 2013 Super Soul Sunday conversation with Oprah, she shared her parenting manifesto. It is called the Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto.


Dr Brene Brown, a professor, researcher, and author who studies courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy, has spent a lot of her life working on human connection. She’s also a mother to two young children, so her work often crosses over into her personal life. During a 2013 conversation with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, she shared what she called her “Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto” – a parenting philosophy that focuses on love, acceptance and compassion. Here are the principles that she tries to live by as a parent:

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Courage is the ability to face fear and risk. It allows us to do what is right even if it means taking a stand for something we believe in or speaking up against what we believe to be wrong. Kids can build courage by being themselves, taking risks, and learning from their mistakes. It’s also important for kids to have a safe place to fail. This can be challenging with social media and the internet where people are quick to criticize.

Disciplined courage is the ability to steadfastly address critical issues while maintaining a focus on the desired outcome and staying true to your core values. Leaders who have disciplined courage are able to connect with their resolve and keep moving forward despite the resistance, obstacles, or setbacks. They are able to maintain a healthy balance of self care, communication and collaboration and find ways to compromise without losing sight of the goal.

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Brene Brown is an expert in human connection, focusing on topics like vulnerability, shame, and courage. Her work has led her to numerous interviews and Ted Talks, but in a 2013 conversation with Oprah, she read a portion of her Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto that outlines the values she hopes to instill in her children.


As a researcher, professor, author and mother of two, Brown has spent her career researching courage, vulnerability, shame, worthiness and empathy. She’s a leading expert in human connection and has given multiple Ted Talks, written 8 books and more.

She has also spoken about parenting, and during a 2013 conversation with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, she read the Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto she created. In it, she discusses the importance of compassion. She focuses on teaching her children to love themselves first and foremost, and to practice loving-kindness toward their own selves as well as others. This is an ancient spiritual practice that helps reduce irritation, anger and hatred while increasing compassion and patience. It’s a beautiful practice that can be easily adapted into your daily routine.


When kids play, they learn, practice and perfect skills that will help them throughout life. It’s a form of learning that is essential to their development and that should be celebrated and nurtured. Playing with your children is an opportunity to bond and connect with them in a way that will foster love, courage and compassion.

Dr Brene Brown is a leading researcher in human connection and her work focuses on vulnerability, shame, courage and worthiness. She’s spoken about her own struggles and triumphs through her books and Ted Talks, as well as during a 2013 Super Soul Sunday conversation with Oprah. In that conversation, she read her Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto and discussed how she strives to teach her two children about these core values.

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