Brown Semen: Causes & Remedy

There’s loads of misinformation and confusion when semen seems to be a special colour than regular, and many individuals assume that it’s at all times an indication that one thing is mistaken.

Nevertheless, that is solely typically true. Relying on the colour, semen might or not be an alarm signal.

As an illustration, orange-colored semen may be as a result of rifampicin, a drug used for tuberculosis.

However what when you discover a brownish or darkish colour in your sperm? On this article, we’ll discover the causes of brown semen and what to do if in case you have this symptom.

What colour is sperm alleged to be?

What do regular sperm appear to be? Healthy semen, or sperm, is often a whitish-gray colour with a jelly-like texture.

Nevertheless, its colour can vary from translucent to grayish, which continues to be regular. However if in case you have discolored semen that’s nearly clear, you may wish to speak to your physician about it as a result of it may be an indication of poor semen high quality.

The colour of sperm is often decided by its pH degree, which is influenced by eating regimen, life-style, atmosphere, and the person’s well being.

Moreover, some medical situations, reminiscent of liver issues, may also have an effect on the colour of sperm.

In these circumstances, unhealthy sperm colour might embody totally different colours of sperm, together with yellow sperm, pink, or inexperienced.

What does brown semen appear to be?

Brown semen is an abnormally dark-colored type of semen. It might show a hue starting from a deep, darkish brown to nearly black in colour.

This differs from a standard semen colour, which ought to sometimes be a lightweight gray or white shade.

If brown semen persists, it’s best to seek the advice of a health care provider to make sure that there’s not an underlying medical difficulty. The physician might suggest a semen evaluation to examine for infections or different abnormalities.

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The colour will typically return to regular after the underlying downside has been resolved. If it doesn’t, nonetheless, additional exams could also be needed to find out the trigger.

Is brown semen regular?

Brown semen may be thought-about regular or fairly anticipated when you just lately had belly trauma.

Nevertheless, it may be an indication of bleeding, as we’ll clarify in a while. Thus, it’s not one thing you need to ignore.

In conclusion, earlier than we begin speaking in regards to the causes of brown semen, it’s essential to grasp that it’s a signal you shouldn’t miss out.

It’s typically a results of an underlying medical difficulty. Thus, it’s important to seek the advice of your physician to rule out any critical well being issues.

With the assistance of a medical skilled, you possibly can decide the reason for your dark-colored sperm and obtain the required remedy.

What causes brown semen?

Varied elements, together with heavy steel publicity, seminal vesicle damage, heavy bleeding, and genital trauma, could cause brown semen.

Publicity to heavy metals

Heavy steel publicity is a typical reason behind brown semen, because the heavy metals may be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream, the place they’re then launched into the semen.

Studies present platinum is current in brown semen when triggered by heavy steel publicity. Different heavy metals generally present in these circumstances embody nickel, manganese, and lead.

You will need to be aware that sufferers with brown semen as a result of heavy steel publicity have one thing referred to as nonobstructive azoospermia.

In different phrases, there are not any sperm cells in semen despite the fact that the conducts to the testicles are clear with no obstructions.

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Thus, it’s cheap to conclude that heavy metals additionally intrude with the affected person’s testicular operate and should have long-term penalties if not handled promptly.

Spinal twine damage

One other prognosis is a spinal twine damage as a result of there are reviews that assisted ejaculation in these sufferers ends in brownish or dark-colored semen.

When analyzed within the microscope, the semen incorporates hemoglobin or pink blood cells, which suggests that there’s a supply of hematospermia, or blood, within the semen.

Nevertheless, this blood appears darkish as a substitute of pink as a result of it stays within the seminal vesicles for a while earlier than being launched.


Heavy bleeding may also trigger the semen to change into darkish in colour, because the blood can combine with the semen, giving it a brownish colour.

This colour is much like a symptom often known as melena, which options darkish stools as a result of bleeding within the higher gastrointestinal tract.

Like melena, the blood begins decaying, and the proteins in pink blood cells change into denaturalized, altering colour from pink to darkish.

For instance, after enduring extreme genital trauma, the seminal vesicles, prostate, and different glands that produce semen can bleed, and this blood could cause the symptom of brown semen.

Organ injury

Injury, irritation, or bleeding within the seminal vesicles, the prostate, or one other organ concerned in producing or releasing semen. Consequently, these organs will produce a reddish fluid that goes darkish in time.

This could possibly be what occurs in sufferers with a spinal twine damage, and it may be necessary to rule out if that is occurring to you if all else is dominated out and not using a clear trigger.

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It might additionally clarify brown semen in prostatitis circumstances, in sufferers with sexually transmitted infections, in circumstances of prostate or testicular most cancers, or after a surgical process reminiscent of radical prostatectomy or a prostate biopsy.

In some circumstances, the reason for brown semen may be troublesome to find out, and medical monitoring could also be essential to rule out an occult or unsuspected supply of bleeding.

When to see a health care provider

Brown semen is commonly a sign of a well being difficulty that requires consideration. When you discover your semen has change into dark-colored or brown, you have to seek the advice of a health care provider as quickly as doable.

By seeing a health care provider as quickly as doable, it is possible for you to to obtain a correct prognosis and any needed remedy. This can cut back the danger of any long-term problems.


Remedy of brown semen is determined by the underlying medical difficulty. Thus, step one in managing this downside is to diagnose the reason for this symptom.

The very first thing your physician will do to diagnose the reason for brown semen is a bodily examination and ask questions, as talked about above.

As well as, they could additionally request additional testing, reminiscent of a semen evaluation, to assist them establish the reason for your brown semen.

Throughout a semen evaluation, your physician will look at the sperm’s colour, form, and motility. They could additionally examine for any abnormalities within the variety of sperm current, together with the presence of heavy metals, hemoglobin, pink blood cells, and others.

Medical remedy might embody:

  • Chelating brokers to take away poisonous metals out of your system
  • Relaxation and hemostatic measures if there’s an lively supply of bleeding
  • Assistive reproductive know-how for sufferers with spinal twine accidents if they’re considering having kids
  • Antibiotics if prostatitis or sexually transmitted infections are detected
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eliminate brown semen

When you’ve got been uncovered to heavy metals, you could must take medicine or different remedies to scale back the quantity of steel in your physique. It’s also necessary to keep away from additional publicity to heavy metals.

When you’ve got skilled trauma to the genital space, it’s important to hunt medical consideration to handle the underlying difficulty.

Generally, dark-colored semen can reply to life-style adjustments and residential cures.


If I ejaculate brown semen, is it harmful? After reviewing the subject, the reply is that brown semen isn’t essentially harmful.

Nevertheless, it’s important to rule out harmful causes of brown or dark-colored semen, reminiscent of hemorrhage, particularly when you had a current traumatic occasion reminiscent of a automotive crash or one thing so simple as falling from your personal top or driving a horse for an prolonged interval.

The causes of brown semen can embody heavy bleeding, seminal vesicle injury or irritation, heavy steel publicity, or spinal twine accidents.

Some causes may be thought-about a possible emergency, particularly when pelvic bleeding is concerned.

Others warrant medical consideration as quickly as doable, as in heavy steel publicity. And different causes are very extreme, reminiscent of spinal twine accidents, however this positively isn’t the primary signal a affected person will come throughout.

You will need to be aware that brown semen is usually a symptom after a prostate biopsy, in case of prostate most cancers, and different procedures associated to the prostate gland or the seminal vesicles.

These organs produce semen, and bleeding in these glands might end in pink, reddened, or brownish semen.

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